New Release- Mortals of Ruin

Jump into the world of ancient Greece in this extraordinary new YA title exploring relevant topics in today’s society such as suicide, emotional abuse, war, addiction, and so much more. Expertly weaving fantasy and historical fiction this is an upper young adult read that you won’t want to put down.

Alecto is the Furie of The Dawn, a divine punisher for the Greek god Hades. Along with her sisters she considers herself a pillar of justice and righteousness. She has special dominion over fire and wields it to burn the sins from evil doers. Alecto has lived a life without questions and relatively free of pain… until the night of the summer solstice. Zeus hosts his annual party for all the Olympians and amidst the festivities the unthinkable happens. The major three are poisoned. Zeus is dead. Hades is plunged into an eternal coma. Poseidon is left in a daze. Within the chaos Alecto discovers a mortal who must be to blame, but a prophecy allotted for her by the Fates suggests that not everything is what it seems. Now, Alecto must decide where justice resides, and her loyalties lie while navigating a newly surfaced power and battling against her instincts. Alecto must choose… immortality or mortality? Everlasting life or humanity?


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