Falling Storm, Book One of the Pride series

A lioness carrying a costly secret.

A leopard drowning under the pressure.

A cheetah on the hunt for the truth.

Will these three big cats survive the ultimate storm?

Excerpt from Falling Storm Chapter One:

Saga narrowed her eyes at their target, an old zebra with a limp foot, and launched forward. Her paws slammed into the ground once and the herd began to stir, twice and they lifted their heads in her direction. By the third time the leading animals turned and started to run. The old one was lifting its nose, it glanced back and let out a panicked nay. It picked up its hooves, its mane flicking in the wind. Saga’s paws beat the ground a fourth time, lifting her into a massive leap. Her front legs extended, and her teeth bared in a snarl as her claws snagged the zebra’s haunches. It shrieked and bucked beneath her as she clung on. Her front paws dug into its mid-back and her hind paws into its flanks. She rocked from side to side, trying to topple it.

Oni rushed in from one side and batted at the zebra’s stomach while another lioness leapt onto the beast’s shoulders. It was Uma, a dusky golden lioness with a black scar along the bridge of her muzzle. Uma wrapped her front paws around the zebra’s neck and reached for its throat. With a great jerk the creature almost dislodged her, and Uma abandoned her attempt. Out of the darkness two more lionesses emerged, Da’Zay and Limber, both younger than Saga. Da’Zay jumped for the zebra’s throat.

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