Your top priority as a writer should be….

You guessed it!


Boring I know. Unless you are said writer. I find my writing very exciting. Sometimes I become so enamored with crafting the story that I forget to eat or associate with my family. The later may be on purpose but you still get my point. Your main priority if you plan on making a career out of writing should be to write. I’m not saying that it won’t be hard, I still struggle with it. It can be difficult to find time to write.

Self-discipline is the most important skill for a writer to have and takes time to build. It took me almost four years to write and rewrite my first book until it was right. It took me two months to write my second book. Then it took me over a year to write my next novel and I’m still only on the first draft. My fourth, fifth, and sixth novel took me combines about five months to write. Even after so much writing (and thankfully finishing) so many novels I still haven’t found a set schedule! I write a but I find it hard to stick to one project.

That’s where self-discipline comes in. I make myself outline and draft novels while also getting everything else that’s on my busy schedule done. It’s hard and it takes practice but I’m finally getting into a groove. You will too. Just don’t give up and make sure that you’re at a point in your life where writing can be a priority. Its alright if you’re not there yet, keep practicing and know your limits.


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