Showing Your Work

Remember in middle school math class how the teachers’ mantra always used to be ‘show your work’? Well, whereas in math class it didn’t make much sense, (at least to me) it does make sense to apply this rule to writing. Sometimes when I’m in the writing zone I tend to have a mind for only one project. For the past two and a half years that project has been my novel, the first book in The Meer series. But I somehow found time to write a few other pieces, some short stories and poems. Most of them were just for my own amusement, but some of them turned out pretty good. An idea occurred to me the other day and I asked myself, why not use these already written works to my advantage?

There was only one problem, I had been trying to publish my short stories by submitting them to journals and contests, and no one was interested. They got rejected many times, even though I’m sure they are good stories. Other people (besides my insane, cheerleader mom) agreed when I got their opinions. For awhile, I despaired. Then I realized something, if my stories don’t fit into the already created niche of any of the journals or contests that I was submitting them to then I would just create my own niche.

So I did some research and eventually decided to publish my short stories on Amazon through Kindle Select. Now, I can generate some buzz for myself and make a little bit of money on the side. This could be great for marketing my brand, or name/reputation as an author. Plus, it will look good on a resume or book proposal to agents and publishers.

My point in saying all that? Don’t be afraid to show or publish your work. You are not a sum of one thing, of one project, of one work, or even of one book. If you have other ideas, explore them! Its alright to take a break from your main project for a little while, you may even burn out if you don’t. If you manage to publish or feature your other works in a journal or on a website then you can add those to your book proposal or query letter. It should help market and advertise your brand. It can generate buzz for your name and your stories. It may impress agents and publishers. As long as you do your research then it can only help!

The three short stories that are now available on Amazon, as ebooks only, are works that I revised and edited many times over to make sure that they were publication ready (not that a work will ever be free of mistakes but I felt mine were close enough to hit publish).

What The Tiger Taught

There once was a man who hunted tigers. In ancient China, a hunter named Gang awaits for his first child to be born. He returns from a hunt to find that his wife, Ling, has given birth to a boy in his absence. Gang is overjoyed until he hears his son’s breathing. It is almost nonexistent. The baby is weak and frail, predicted to die. Gang is sure that his world is about to crumble around him, until an unlikely source offers him help that he cannot refuse. Now, Gang must embark on a journey with a beast he regards as an enemy to find a way to save his son. Can Gang rise above his own prejudice to save his son? Will the baby be able to hold on long enough for Gang to realize where his heart truly lies? “

The Phases of Anubis

“Anubis was born mortal but he has an extraordinary power: he can turn in to a jackal at will. He is a shapeshifter, one of only a few. Some in his village fear him and some worship him, but all he wants is to be treated like a normal boy. Ebony, his little sister, is the only one who understands him. One day when the two of them are crossing the desert to fetch water, Ebony is attacked by a lioness. Anubis is outmatched and can’t save her. Devastated, Anubis hatches a plan to infiltrate the Land of The Dead in search of her. There’s only one problem, only the dead are permitted entrance. In this first installment of a thrilling short story adventure series, find out if Anubis will live to be a god or bleed as a mortal.”

The Moon-Eyed People

“Sara is a journalist from the Fox Harbor Sentinel with a routine interview planned. Little does she know that her ‘routine interview’ is going to be anything but normal. Hue Pickett has summoned her to his cabin, claiming that he has a story that will open the residents of Fox Harbor’s eyes to what’s really going on in their town. When he tells Sara that his wife was taken by an alien race, she feels bad for the lonely old man. At least until she sees one of the creatures for herself. Now she must try to survive the night as creatures with malicious intentions attempt to enter Hue’s home. Sara is trapped. Will she escape with her life or will she meet the same fate as Hue’s wife?”

I have published more than short stories, you can view two of my poems here: › poems › the-never-yield


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