The Real Beginning

Having just wrote a prologue for the first book in The Meer series, I am writing only from personal experience. I have never stumbled across (yet) any advice for authors specifically on how to write a prologue.  That’s why I decided to write this article on prologues. If you want to include a prologue in your novel (which is not something that is required to be in your novel) then you want to make it interesting enough to capture the reader’s attention. The prologue is the first thing (hopefully) that the reader is going to read (unless you are like one of my best friends and skip the prologues, which I do NOT recommend).

The prologue has to be relevant to the plot in some way. I have noticed that many authors use prologues to foreshadow future events, inform the reader, and describe a past event, or sometimes it can do all three! If a mystery is prevalent in your story you can use the prologue to build suspense and intrigue. I am using my prologue to introduce the spiritual side of The Meer world and introduce a very important supporting character, as well as build curiosity for the introduction of my main character in chapter one. Prologues should be intense attention grabbers that suck your reader in until your very last page and they can help with setting up your novel (introducing the setting, tone, voice, ect.). For example I also used my prologue to introduce the setting of my story, which is the desert. I hope that was helpful in preparing you to write a prologue. Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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