Research- It’s Not Just For English Papers

Now that you have at least thought about your basic plot arc and your basic character arc it’s time for something that may not be as creative or enjoyable: researching. Every time you write something you always want to aim for making the impossible feel real to readers. But even as fiction writers we have some limits. When we write we have to make sure that our events are plausible and that the reader will feel that they make sense in some way (without the reader feeling that the plot is logical they won’t feel that it’s real).

Therefore, it is important to research your subject. I already had some background knowledge on meerkats and their behavior before I started writing The Meer (thanks to Animal Planet’s Meerkat Manor) but I also researched meerkats, their behavior, and their environment. I borrowed books on the subject from my local library, watched YouTube videos (such as Wild Things: Kalahari Meerkats), and read about them on the internet. I took extensive notes. I currently have a google slides that only contains notes on herbs that grow in desert-like environments. As always you should do whatever works in your situation, maybe your story doesn’t require as much research as mine. I do suggest that you think over the elements of your plot and character arcs to make sure that they are plausible, though.

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