Perfecting The Basic Character Arc

Once you have settled on a premise (and possibly the basics of your plot structure/arc) you should start thinking about what your main character’s arc is going to be. Essentially, you are answering the question: where was the main character both internally and externally at the beginning of the story and where does he/she end up both internally and externally by the end?

There are three types of character arc: Positive, Negative, and Static. Positive Character Arc is the most common type and the one that I will be using in my series. The Positive Character Arc is this: in the beginning your main character is worse off where he/she is internally and externally, but by the end the main character is better than they were before both internally and externally. The Negative Character Arc is basically the opposite of the Positive Character Arc, in which the main character does not learn from their struggles or embrace important lessons, but instead retreat even deeper into their flaws. Where as the Positive Character Arc is about growing and changing for the better, the Negative Character Arc is about failing to change or grow. The Static Character Arc is just what it sounds like, it is an arc in which the main character neither grows nor fails to grow, but remains unchanged. In a Static Character Arc the main character will remain ‘static’ and unchanged, instead they will act as the catalysts for other characters growth or failure to grow.

Since I will be using the Positive Character Arc for my series I will post another article at a later date about it. I will not be doing that for the Negative Character Arc or Static Character Arc, so if you would like to recommend that I post articles focusing on The Negative Character Arc or Static Character Arc individually, let me know by leaving a comment.

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